Our purpose is to care for every citizen and simplify each and every service. Skilled people and technology-enabled services provide continuity, growth, and connectivity for nations and businesses across the world. Designed for those who need them the most, our accessible services are for everyone.


To help Government and citizens succeed, creating positive experiences for the millions of people who rely on government for a sustainable future.


Our people and platforms connect government and businesses with service delivery, engage citizens with their governance and allow them to grow and transform.


Meticulous in performance, inventive in growth, kind to each other and mindful of our planet. We keep things real for citizens and together, succeed.

Our Values

We’re meticulous

When we say we’ll do something, people know we’ll do it properly.

  • Listen, take time and really care about getting things right
  • Be accountable, make amends, learn and move on
  • Deliver: on time, every time
  • Use your sharp eye for detail to create great service and solutions for customers
About Govnet

We’re inventive

We’re constantly engineering new ways to do things, with our clients and each other.

  • Test and develop new ideas
  • Protect time to be creative
  • Always explore fresh ways to do things and embrace change
  • Put common purpose first; we move quicker together

We keep things real

We’re grounded, supportive and open. We invest in our relationships.

  • Communicate openly and behave with integrity. Swap corporate language for real
  • Challenge the complicated and promote simplicity
  • Support and connect with communities around us
  • What you do matters. Show pride

The winning Team

We play our part and pull together when it matters.

  • Think as one global team, empowered and stronger together
  • We all have a unique voice and it is listened to
  • Know your role and how you contribute
  • Lead by example and create ways for everyone to grow

GovNet Vision

Here at GovNet we know! Let us looks to the future, and considers how interactions with government will evolve in years to come.

We predict a rise in self-service whilst retaining channels of choice like paper, for those customers who want them.


Coordinating An Effective Response

Responding to the needs of employees during the pandemic has been a big challenge for employers…


Create A Financial Wellbeing Strategy

Education is important. People need to understand why it’s important to have insurance and save for the future.

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